ADD:No.12 ZhaoGuang Town, Qinpu Shanghai China

Suplier of Freshwater Ornamentail fish:Gold fish;Koi fish;Tropical fish and Shrimp.
One of the most professional aquatic pet exporters. Over 40 years of rich experience!
Best Estableishment and equirpment!Offer best aquatic produce!
Abundant inventory and competitive prices and guaranteed throughout the whole year!

Convenient traffic: It's only 1 hour to Shanghai Pudong(PVG) airport by car.
We can Export & Import directly and taken high support from our government.
Advanced equipment and integrated system are keep high quality, health fish and big export quantity !
We have professional feeder and veterinarian, circulatory water filtrate system, Solar energy system keep
green power! Different ponds and water breed different kinds fish in order to keep best live condition
and best quality fish, also will keep best price and competitive power in their market.


Professional packaging technology can effectively reduce customer costs and ensure the survival rate and fish health.

 Only in this way can the fish be kept healthy.To ensure that each batch of goods can be successfully delivered to the hands of customers.The same amount of packaging can be an important factor in ensuring good health.


Abundant stock is an important condition to ensure competitiveness.

Constant attempts to cultivate new varieties are necessary to enrich the market.Only in this way can we guarantee the uniqueness of inventory and the competitive advantage of customers in the market



Mass reproduction and selective breeding can improve overall quality and reduce costs.

Thus improving the competitive advantage of price.


Take every order seriously.We must keep in mind that long-term cooperation is possible only when the interests and profits of our customers are guaranteed.

Completing each order according to the agreement is the most basic but also the most important.This is not only a commercial credibility but also a responsibility.
Every order from a customer is a trust, and we must take it seriously.




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