Oranda type of Goldfish
     Oranda is classics kinds of goldfish. The color have Red,R&w,Yellow,Red Cap,B&w,Calico and so on.It's have big head and nice body.Much more player know about goldfish from Oranda.

     In China some place of origin call it"Liohead".Just because it's big Crown. Now more and more new kinds Oranda has arisen.  Such as: Oranda with Butterfly, Oranda with Phoenix tail, Oranda with short tail and so on. it's in high pricea nd low quantity.


Panda Oranda

Panda Oranda with Red Head

Yellow Oranda

Calico Oranda

Red Cap Oranda

green Oranda

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R&w Oranda

Purple Oranda with Red Cap

R&w Oranda
3C Oranda
Purple Oranda

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