China goldfish of classification:

        --Goldfish color and shape is the basis for classification and identification of speciesShould be noted thatBiological significance is not mentioned on the classification of different categoriesit's in order to facilitate the recognition and appreciation of the variety series divided by the。In fact, to goldfish breeder and fans, Classification of goldfish named.Its main role is to distinguish between the different characteristics of goldfish, It's usefulness is much larger than scientific.

      Goldfish color, size, scale, head type, fin type, eye type, nose membranes, jaw, etc. with each other, it's in several different combinations of shape. Theory ,May form hundreds of varieties of goldfish. This is also the charm of goldfish. With the gradual deepening of foster reproduction, showing the characteristics of varieties of goldfish are two major trends:1.Specific characteristics of the existing varieties, trend focused. 2.Breeding more and more new kinds goldfish.


The varieties of goldfish are classified by several major series for your reference: 
CommonFish   Butterfly   Pealscale  Oranda  Telescope  Bubble Eyes   Pompoms  TigerHead
Ryukin   Wikin   Jikin    EggFish    Celestail   RanChu
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Chinese new kinds goldfish ( Description ) :

    --As the market demand through continuous training and breeding goldfish。China has bred many new kinds of goldfish,Scarce due to production, inventory shortages, all the prices are very expensive!Now such as:Ryukin with Butterfly、Ryukin with Phoenix、Oranda with Butterfly、Oranda with Phoenix、Oranda with Short tail、Egg Phoenix with pompoms、Red Cap Egg Phoenix、Celestail with Butterfly、TigerHead with Telescope、Crown Pealscale with Telescope、Telescope with Butterfly and so on......

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Pictures Index of New kinds Goldfish
Oranda with Butterfly     Oranda with Short Tail     Oranda with phoenix tail
Telescope with cicada eyes      BubbleEyes with toad Face
Ryukin with butterfly      Ryukin with phoenix tail    Eggfish with phoenix tail
Other More Special and new Goldfish
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  The origin of goldfish :
      -- The origin of goldfish is China.In biology is the same family with the same kind of Chinese carp.In the UK, "Oxford Dictionary", "Goldfish" is interpreted to:To watch for the purpose of a small red Chinese carp farming. Evolution has been a goldfish in fact, many different colors and shapes ,But among all blood; their common ancestor is China's carp。

     China has a long history of breeding goldfish. Far away in the Eastern Han Dynasty; There is the release of records of wild golden carp. Tang is a very prosperous era of economic and cultural. People try to breed wild carp fish. By the Song dynasty; It was build fish ponds when the palace in the expansion of the construction. Watch for the royal family fun. People was build ponds after the country to follow suit. Goldfish into the prosperous period of the reproductive phase. It's into every family. After continuous propagation、evolution has been bred to 1726. It's have Telescope, butterfly, Bubble Eyes, Red Cap, Pompoms, Oranda,Butterfly and so on.       

 International Goldfish :
   -- China Goldfish in the 2nd millennium pandemic Japan.300 years ago to europe,100 years ago was introduced into the united states. Now goldfish is a kind of pet fish in the world. And  have more than 280 kinds.Appreciate the goldfish in appreciation of body type、color、pose。Goldfish in a smooth pose 、beautiful body、color。But by different countries and cultural backgrounds, aesthetic differences, the various players in different parts of the preferences are different varieties of goldfish.

    Japan is a on of the biggest market of goldfish breeding、consumption in the world. Because of its cultural, aesthetic, economic base and other reasons; Japanese like class goldfish are in overhead view fish .As its representative species is well-known Japanese Ranchu.(Comments on Japan Ranchu, refer to introduce goldfish Ranchu class)Tosakin goldfish currently represented by the new party of the new acceptance of new varieties has also been demonstrated.

     Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Asian countries; The more countries more economically advantageous to the main courtyard fish breeding goldfish so many close relatives of Koi fish.But no lack of feeding of goldfish and aquarium keeping the larger players. These countries are the world's largest exporter of goldfish; A few years ago these Asian countries, mainly imported goldfish; main import is Chinese.Because the reasons for breeding cost; to the import of Chinese goldfish, based on the use of modern, advanced farming techniques, the body of goldfish in a short time, to enhance the color better.And then exported around the world.In recent years, China's economic opening and development of international transport is convenient; many exporters breeding base to move into China directly raising and trade.

          United States, France and other developed countries; as feed costs, land resources and other reasons, local to import based. Keeping the majority of small goldfish, and not without a certain species of preference. Prefer bright goldfish. Lacking in some developed countries have the economic strength of the super players; to raise a new, strange, rare varieties of goldfish special delight


Status of Chinese goldfish, development and the future:
   China as the birthplace of goldfish,years has been feeding the old generation to generation.In recent years, learning, learn new farming techniques and help of modern technology. Chinese goldfish in color, shape it more perfect. However, due to export restrictions, and information distribution medium low. Many of the new varieties, the best foreign player of the goldfish is difficult to understand.

         China's annual exports decline in goldfish, of which there are many reasons. However, the maturity of China's domestic market is also an important reason; businesses have turned to the domestic sales target. Common species has been so popular in recent years, more well-known preference for the domestic players is more traditional, more primitive varieties of goldfish. Price is way up (such as: types of egg goldfish, egg kind of Phoenix tail )! More new varieties of goldfish to low production and new body is also deeply attracted many players (such as the Oranda with Butterfly type, Ryukin with Butterfly , etc.)! Because production is low, retail prices high; these new varieties of goldfish are rarely understood by foreign players.

     As China's rapid economic development; land resources of the rapid tension. Goldfish farms has drastically declined in recent years. Goldfish farms in recent years actually decreased by 65%. With the rapid growth of aquaculture and other cost reasons; rising price of Chinese goldfish. Breeders have breeding new varieties of high quality goldfish, the main target is to have the economic strength of the domestic players. The near future the development of Chinese goldfish will be supplemented by exports and domestic sales based; sales target set: those for high-end consumer; the luxury watch consumer goods. For large scale farming declining scale farming, small or courtyard burgeoning aquaculture.



Welcome goldfish player、Club、trade associations、cademics from around the world to call the exchange and learn from each other。





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