TigerHead type of Goldfish:

     Tiger Head fish is big head, no dorsal fin and in short tail. It's different than RanChu. It's have red, calico, R&w, Red Cap and so on. Now TigerHead with Telescope (Moor) is one if the new kinds Tiger Head. TigerHead with cat fact is high class in this type!.


Calico Red&white

Red&black Red
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Yellow TigerHead with Red tail

Black&Red TigerHead
Purple TigerHead
Red&black TigerHead
Calico TigerHead
Black TigerHead (Cat face)
Yellow TigerHead with Red Eyes
R&w TigerHead with red eyes
3 color TigerHead
Red TigerHead (cat face)
Red Cap TigerHead
R&w TigerHead (cat face)
R&b TigerHead 
Red Cap TigerHead