Ryukin type of Goldfish

     Jikin is not a kinds of common goldfish. It's famous from Japan. It's have Tosakin, Jikin, Wakin , Ryukin in Japan. It's 4 class. Ryukin with short tail is more lovely and popular. Now it's have more mew kinds of Ryukin breeding from China. But the quantity is only few. Such as: Ryukin with butterfly, Ryukin with Phoenix tail. Ryukin with buetterfly is not Tosakin. It's a bit different than tosakin. The different on their tail. The tail of tosakin is in whole tail. other are not.


Calico Ryukin with short tail Red&black Ryukin with short tail

Red Ryukin

Red&white Ryukin

Red&white Ryukin with short tail

Red&white Ryukin with short tail

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R&w Ryukin with short tail